Prices, Portfolio and Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me! Please take time to read my TOS at the end.


Traditional: $250
This is an original physical piece. A custom headshot using a variety of different materials to make a badge of your character. Includes, character with custom or artistic liberty expression/theme, laminated and punched with a badge clip. Price includes shipping within the US.

Digital: $225

This is an original digital piece and physical item. It will be printed in house by myself. Cut to shape, laminated and punched with badge clip. You will also receive a digital copy of the file. Features custom character with name and any props/themes you might like, or artistic liberty.

Double Sided (Digital Only) : $375
These are original digital pieces and a physical item. A flippable badge. Can be separate characters, one side nsfw the other sfw, or other options. Please discuss with me prior. Price includes shipping within the US, lamination and punched with a badge clip.

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Metal/Wood Signs


Custom character or Artistic Liberty - painted on a physical metal sign. Please reference which of my signs you like the most so I can get a feeling/understanding of what you are looking for. I can make the sign UV reactive, glow in the dark, glittered, reflective, raised, or potential other options, just let me know ahead of time.

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Wood Burnings

Prices vary depending on size, carving, painting/staining. Custom or Artistic Liberty. Hand burned and/or carved. I can provide the wood or if you have something you want burned/carved on/into that's even better. Shipping is separate and calculated at the end.

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Ref Sheet

Mini: $255

A 3/4ths reference, which includes character pose, headshot, color palette and character information. Custom background to match characters personality/layout.

Standard:  $300

Front and back view of your character, any close details, color palette, and character info.

Complex:  $375

A three pose turnaround of your character (front, side and back). 3 expressions, complete color palette, character information and any close up details will be pointed out.

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Custom Character


A mini ref. Making a character from written description or artistic liberty. Includes character information, name, color palette and headshot. Price may vary depending on complexity of character and specifics. Below are examples of characters I have both designed and drawn up.

Finished commission example looks like "Ashton' the Swamp Dog (1st photo) in the examples below. All the other photos are to show original designs by myself.

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Pin Design

Custom pin design with requested pose and/or props of your choice. Full mockup of a pin. Price only varies with how many characters you want  in the pin. This does NOT include pin production but the rights to produce and sell the pin after it has been produced. I do not ask royalties if you plan on selling with this flat rate.

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Interested in something and don’t see it here? Send me a message! I will be more than happy to work with you and help create your idea!

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Terms Of Service

 What I will draw:

 Animals, anthropomorphic animals, cartoons, monsters, human pup hoods, robots, gore(hard and soft), NSFW. (Read nsfw policy below)

I will not draw:

Humans, extreme violence, cub/babyfur, tracing/copying someone else’s style, art or stolen characters. 

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. 

Reference and character design commissions can use a written description, but otherwise, I require (a) reference image/images.

Payment is upfront and required for me to begin your piece. Once you have paid, you will be given a trello card with the link to your commission. I actively update my trello with important announcements if there are any delays. All works will be posted to the trello once finished so others are aware of the timeline on the status of their commission.
If I have started your commission but have not finished, and you request a refund, I will issue you a partial refund and send over whatever I have. I will send updates letting you know where your commission is whenever I have made progress. If I don’t message you directly, you’ll be sure to find any announcements on Trello. If you constantly pressure me for updates, I will kindly ask you to stop. If you proceed, I will partially refund your commission and cancel. You can trust me to keep you updated on your piece! Edits must be requested during the WIP stage and not when the drawing has already been completed. Please make me aware of everything specific you want in your piece before the commission is started. The only exception to this is if it is a minor change and does not require me to change too much.

 When I send you updates and you would like something changed, please do not hesitate to tell me, I will be happy to change it for you. You are allowed to make stickers or get my art tattooed. All other merchandise (products you wish to sell), must be discussed with me prior to being produced. Examples include posters, shirts, keychains, pins, etc. 

  NSFW Policy: 

If it is necessary I will require ID proof of legal age. I refuse to draw NSFW for minors. Please discuss with me prior to paying
your commission about what you would want.

I do not consent for my art to be used in any sort of artificial intelligence training. Nor do I consent for my art to be used in NFT production, AI reproduction or anything involving AI/NFT and my art together.

Thank you especially for taking the time to read through my TOS, if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to message me via direct message on social platforms Twitter X, Blue Sky or Instagram @GummyKaiju.

By commissioning me, you are acknowledging you have read my terms of service and agree to my terms and conditions.

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